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bazzplayaj's Journal

8 September 1982
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I'm sittin' in the basement, cause we about to get deep
Final life's placement, bein the topic of speech
What matters to you and me, what goals you've reached
When you're body's laid to rest and your soul's free to seek
With the knowledge you receive, you got a spot picked out
You know where you wanna go from what you learned about

Some people call it heaven, others say the spirit world
Where you goin when you die? are you sure? for real?
You ask me where I'm headed, I'm still tryin to look
I learned one thing so far, the answer's not in a book
Many tracts to choose from written by the hands of man
But they were all still alive, the information's second-hand

I don't understand, cause all religions have flaws
Barkin out commandments, how 'bout nature's laws?
Cause when it's said and done, rivers still gonna flow
The wind's gonna blow, and trees are still gonna grow

-Johnny Richter of Kottonmouth Kings, from "Waking Dream"