J (bazzplayaj) wrote,

This entry was written by Kelly for her myspace blog. Myspace was stripping the photo links out for some reason, so we posted it here instead:

So John and I decided to build a house in Independence, KY, where people can actually drive, hopefully.  We've been going everyweek to check out the progress and this week they really busted it out, and we're very excited so i thought we'd share!

Week 1: The place looked more like a mine field that a house:

Week 2: Started to come along, except now it's more of an accident waiting to happen or a really big swimming pool:

Week 3: Starting to look more like a house:

Week 4: Major progress, these people must have had nothing else to do, it actually looks like a real house with walls and everything!

Another part of this process was a couple of months ago when me and John went to this place like an hour away to pick out every single thing that will be in and outside our house, which would have been more fun if they hadn't expected me to be productive and nice for four hours with no snacks, so John did most of the picking out, here are some of the results:

Extra bonus: Yesterday when we went, there was an ice cream man driving around, YES!
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